ANTM Cycle 17 all-star finale

I know it’s late. Te winner has already been announced, but let me just rant a bit. First of all, yes, I watch America’s Next Top Model. It’s one of my guilty pleasures (one where you feel kinda embarrassed even mentioning that you watch it, but whatever. I do. And I’m hooked on it!).

Anyway, if you’ve already watched the finale, you would definitely have something to say about it. So it’s the finale. The 3 girls, Angelea, Lisa, and Allison, take their beauty shots and shoot their commercials for Covergirl in the beautiful island of Greece. Then there was the Vogue shoot. And finally, there was THE final runway where they get to walk down the runway in a custom Michael Cinco creation designed by the models. By the way, the Michael Cinco collection was HEAVENLY!

(let me put photos here when I figure this iPad out.)

They did this whole dramatic runway where the models walked to the side of the pool, swam to the ramp, walked into a curtain that would then rise up and later reveal a beautiful goddess who flies up (with the help of a harness) and then gets back down to earth to walk down the runway. Phew! Just explaining it made me tired. What more for the models?!?

The 3 finalists walked the runway, which overall was not bad despite the CRAZY wind that was blowing that time. Then it was the final panel. It was done back in LA, and noticeably absent was Angelea. Before making any decisions, Tyra made an announcement that they found something that disqualified Angelea from the competition, and no more explanation was given. Many have speculated that it was because Angelea announced on Facebook, ahead of the finale, that she won the cycle. This whole thing just makes me more curious!!! Can somebody please tell me why she was disqualified?!?

So the winner, after all that unexplained fiasco, was Lisa D’Amato. I don’t like her, but she is the whole package as compared to Allison who’s too introverted to be a model. Angelea is not a stunning girl, but she’s the girl you definitely want to root for! So, yeah, I definitely thought that if Angelea weren’t disqualified, she could have won the whole thing!

P.S. Could somebody please tell me what really happened with Angelea? Pretty pretty please?


Rediscovering my wordpress blog

Hello again, blogosphere! It’s been such a long time since I blogged in my wordpress. In fact, I haven’t posted anything here since March of this year. It’s almost the end of the year, too!as the title suggests, I’ve recently rediscovered it, thanks to my dad’s gift. An iPad 2! Can I get a “woot woo!”? (Thanks, papa!)

This thing makes wordpress so much easier to access. This year, I’ve used Tumblr more because it’s just so easy to look at pictures, etc. and like or reblog it. No effort exerted whatsoever for me because I don’t usually post original stuff on there. 😛

Here’s to the start of blogging again. 🙂

The UP house for reals!

The internet is abuzz with the news of the real-life house from Disney’s Up.  Well, I don’t know if the whole internet is, but it certainly is the topic for most of my “Recommended items” in Google Reader.

airborne house, balloon home, Balloon Transportation, floating house, How Hard Can It Be?, National Geographic Channel, NGC, Pixar UP House, Real UP house

Proof that things are indeed possible. A real-life version of Old Man Carl's house in UP.

Doesn’t it fill you with child-like wonder?  This totally made my day.

Enjoy more pictures of Old Man Carl’s house in real life at

Packed Weekend

My mom and I woke up this morning at around 6am. It was just yesterday that my mom and I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and went to Pampanga to get our car serviced at Toyota. We spent half the day in Toyota with my mom checking her papers and me reading Pretty Little Liars on my mom’s Kindle; and the rest of the afternoon, while waiting for the car to be finished, was spent in SM Pampanga. By the way, Toyota seriously needs to offer free wifi for their waiting customers. We need something to do other than sit, watch TV, and drink coffee  or iced tea.  Isn’t free wifi a standard now?  Anyway, we went back to Toyota at about 4pm and was able to leave Toyota at 4:30 and rush off to Subic for the International Food Festival which starts at 5pm. We arrived at 5:30ish and immediately headed to the field where the festival was being held. I saw a lot of my former teammates who came up to Subic to experience the food fest.

Long story short, our tiring Saturday ended late at night, and we woke up at 6 this morning, not fully recovered from the previous day. Nevertheless, my mom and I headed out at about 7am, leaving my youngest sister at home who opted to stay to finish her college papers.

The day had a very chill vibe to it. We weren’t pressed for any time, so we drove to Tagaytay in a relaxed manner. You might ask, what made us think of driving all the way to Tagaytay. Well, our main goal was to go to Ilog Maria to stock up on our diminishing supply of various soaps and bee pollen. I know, it sounds crazy, but it was most certainly worth it. For once, my mom and I just went for a change in scenery, and not because we needed to go.  Very unlike our Manila weekends, wherein we usually are at the hospital getting checkups or going to DFA to get our passport renewed.  When we got to Tagaytay, we dropped by Loumar’s first to buy the BEST buko pie I’ve had so far. Perfect crust and not too sweet.  We also bought some assorted tarts and yummy espasol.

Our next stop was Ilog Maria, which was full of people! The first time we went, which was last December, it was on a weekday, and there weren’t many people (just my family and another family). However, today, a weekend, it was packed and it felt like what it would probably feel like if I was a bee in a beehive. (Learn more about Ilog Maria visit their website After stocking up on Ilog Maria products, we headed over to Bag of Beans where I saw someone I knew from high school. How random, and lovely, might I say! We went to Bag of Beans specially for the civet coffee except they didn’t have any. They said it was seasonal and is only available from October to December, which is funny, really, because we went in December and they told us it was available all year round EXCEPT December! So when is civet coffee really available? We left Bag of Beans with a wheat herb loaf instead and went on our merry way to lunch at Tootsie’s. It was our first time to eat there. We just ordered a Kansi Bulalo, which ended up to be different from the bulalo you usually get in Tagaytay because this one was orange in color, had some langka, and was sour like sinigang. It wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t really my type of food, since I like clear broth which the regular bulalo has. Tootsie’s, for me, is probably a restaurant I wouldn’t return to. It was pricey and wasn’t worth our money. Can you imagine paying 40pesos for a cup of plain rice and 45 for a cup of garlic rice? Rip off.

After our lunch, which made both my mom and I sleepy, we headed towards Sta. Rosa to get to Manila. We stopped at the fruit stands on the way to buy some pineapples because a visit to Tagaytay is not complete without getting some of their pineapples. The sweetest I’ve ever tasted!

Since we were so sleepy, I suggested to stop at the nearest Starbucks, which as in Nuvali Solenad. We got there, bought a Guatemala Casi Cielo, which I paired with the Dark Chocolate Macadamia Cookie, and hoped to get some rest. Before settling down on the second, I went downstairs again to asj for some water. Two large mugs of water please! The barista confirms my request but still reaches for tge paper cups. I tell him again I want it in large mugs (more earth friendly), and he tells me the most bizarre story. He said they didn’t have mugs anymore because they’re all cracked since there ws a guy who ordered some Guatemala Casi Cielo who wanted it to be put in a mug instead if the paper cup, and tge result was a cracked mug with the entire handle broken off. HUH?!? The most bizarre story, I tell you! Anyway, I headed back upstairs with two paper cups of water and settled down on the soft chair. I got to close my eyes for a few minutes, until our peace was disturbed by a Starbucks staff who was putting back tables and chairs by dragging them on the floor, of course, in the most echo-friendly establishment I’ve ever been to. We left after a few more minutes of shut eye, already woken up and cranky from the noise. Starbucks Solenad SUCKS!

We were heading to our car when we totally got distracted by the weekend market and ended up buying a few items of clothing. After that, we went to our car and headed home. We headed straight home except for the occasional bathroom break stop. We got to Subic a few minutes before 10pm.

Now, I’m just in bed feeling like our trip to Tagaytay was done at some distant day and not today. Anyway, I’m sleeping now. I hope you had a great weekend as well! Back to work tomorrow! Good night, world!

Sources: please click on the photo.

Canon Dreams

image1977300538.jpgI’ve been researching about this camera and have been staring at a picture of it since yesterday. I even saved a photo of it on my itouch. (Sounds obsessive right? Tell me about it!)

Anyway, I’ve been wanting a digital camera for a while, well actually, ever since digital cameras came about, but I never had the money and the indulgence to buy one. Our recent trips,powered by Cebu Pacific seat sales of course, have finally brought it to my attention and kept bugging me in the back of my head that we need a decent camera to document all of our adventures and share it with everyone. Now, this brings me to the camera that’s got me itching to get my hands on.

The Canon S95.

It’s a practical-looking camera with a simple design that packs a lot of punch. I’ve read reviews and several testimonials from photographers that this is the camera to bring/use if a dslr is too much of a hassle to bring. Perfect for traveling, right?

I’ve read in a few blogs from friends and strangers that Santa Canon gifted them with this camera. Will Canon give me one for free even though it’s not Christmas anymore? What are the chances right? Anyway, the chances are AGAINST me, since I blog erratically, I don’t have strong followers, and lastly, I’m not based in Manila. (The bloggers I mentioned before who got free cameras from Canon are the total opposite. Consistent bloggers with a strong following who are based in Manila. Out of 3 points, I get zilch.) It’s a far-fetched idea that Canon will give me a free camera, but it’s free to dream. I’m going to have to save up my own money for it.

Hopefully, I save enough money to buy it in the first quarter if this year!

In the meantime, let’s marvel at its beauty. 🙂

“Return to Temptation” Bench

I was looking through the webpage, when I came across the gallery of Bench’s “Return to Temptation” campaign.  I couldn’t get past the first picture, which was of Georgina Wilson looking sexy in some Bench underwear while lying on the sand.  However, it was not Georgina that caught my attention.  It was……

the walis on the right!

Was the walis (broom) really supposed to be part of the picture or was it an oversight?  I’m thinking it’s the latter because I just don’t see the connection of the broom to the picture. Haha! They probably left that there after they swept the sand.